Requiem For A Queen

While attempting to win her father's favor, Lucinda, the former Queen of Hell, leads a demonic army into battle against the archangels of Heaven. Upon returning from the Outer Rim, spies reveal Samara has given birth to Lucifer's son, ending her plans to retake Hell. Infuriated by this new development, Lucinda uses sorcery to kidnap the newborn Prince.

Determined to save her missing child, Samara travels through the tunnels of Hell to confront the vicious queen. There, she encounters the Black Dragon, Lucifer's greatest enemy. He offers to help, but to her dismay, disappears when confronted by Lucifer. Once again, Samara is held captive.

Facing a death sentence for crimes she didn't commit, she reveals the secret of Papillon's birth to save herself. Now determined to find his son, Lucifer sends trackers into the forest and swears to destroy anyone involved in his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Damian Hunter teleports to Hell with his Cambion forces to battle Lucifer's creatures and rescue Samara, unaware she bore Lucifer an heir and can no longer leave.

Will Samara find Papillon before others destroy him? Will he be forced to use his dark powers, proving he's as wicked as Satan?

RELEASE DATE: October 2022

Creative Edge Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9798434809993

Publisher's website: www.creativeedgepublishing.com


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Kaylin McFarren's Blog


Inspiration behind the story

According to Perry Besshye Shelley, "Power, like a disease, pollutes whatever it touches." In other words, many characters in literature become corrupted because of their quest for power. I fully agree with Shelley that power "pollutes everything that it touches" because having too much power concentrated in the hands of one person leads to a dictatorship and has bad consequences. "Power is the root of all evil" is another interpretation of Shelley's statement. This idea is demonstrated in the plays Hamlet and Macbeth, both by William Shakespeare, where major characters lead themselves to their downfall by trying to become the most powerful person in the room. In fact, in both plays many major characters die because of one person's ambition to become a powerful king.

In Hamlet, Claudius murders his brother, marries his former sister-in-law and ascends to the throne of Denmark. These three deeds are performed by a shrewd and self-serving man. The King will do almost anything to protect the throne, in spite of knowing that he did not rightfully earn it. He resorts to underhanded tactics such as spying, manipulation, and deceit in order to overcome whatever he perceives as a threat to his supreme position.

But what if a power-hungry Queen was the culprit in this play? Would she be viewed simply as a figure head and remain neutral with respect to political matters? Or would she be the ultimate bitch? By convention, the Queen does not vote or stand for election. She is purely a figure head in more ways than one, and maintaining relevant relationships is her singular focus and primary responsibility. But what if the Queen controlled the military? What if she craved an all-encompassing position in government, like her father before her? What if she could be the ultimate ruler of Hell? Ambition drives this story like many others. But what makes this story unique is the length the Queen will go to in order to steal the throne she craves. Doesn't this make a far more interesting scenario? A tale about the extreme measure a woman would go to in order to obtain the power she believes she deserves?

Now, that's the kind of book I would read and definitely write.

Book Excerpt

The contractions were coming faster and lasting longer. Samara gritted her teeth and changed position, moving across the ground on all fours. The pain seemed more bearable now, but damn if she wasn't exhausted. She was tempted to lie down but knew that wasn't a good idea, considering how cold and dirty the cave floor was next to the fire pit. After finishing another breathing exercise, she steeled herself before crawling to the burned down fire, dragging the bag with firewood behind her.

"You're going to be fine," Samara told herself. She sat up and caressed her belly. "It will be over soon and we'll both be fine. I can promise you that much." Samara pulled off her boots and tugged off her damp jeans and wet underwear. She was thankful for the long shirt she had wore, covering her thighs.

Getting the campfire started again with the small amount of wood she'd collected proved difficult but not impossible. It just took forever. By the time the fire flickered to life again, five more intense contractions had come and gone, and the air in the cave smelled like freshly fallen snow, indicating it was snowing outside again.

At least, we're safe from the elements, she thought. Thank you, Onoskelis...for bringing us here. We wouldn't have survived without you.