Black Wing Sky

There is no terror in death...only in the anticipation of it.

When Lucifer's soldiers captured his brother, the Seven-Star General of the Archangel Army of Heaven, Samara Daemonium thought it was a turning point in the war. Victory for Hell was on the horizon, as was a peaceful future with her soulmate, Damian Hunter.

Now, a deadly new threat on Earth’s sister planet has emerged. Fire-breathing dragons are being lead by Vetis Kidadl, otherwise known as the Black Dragon, and he’s determined to destroy Nexus and all its inhabitants. After volunteering to help Blade defeat this invader, Samara is tasked with finding a weapon strong enough—a mission made more difficult when she’s kidnapped and forced into cruel submission by none other than Kidadl himself.

In this epic fourth installment in the Gehenna series, two thought-provoking questions arise. Can Samara defeat the Black Dragon, return to Middle Earth with her son, and find the happiness she so richly deserves? Or will Lucifer and his daughter Lucinda succeed in destroying the entire Daemonium family?

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Kaylin McFarren's Blog


The author's skill at pacing guarantees readers will quickly feel caught up. And there's a lot to catch up on: Spellcasters, Overlords, Magi, and dragon tournaments all jostle alongside real-world elements like battles with swords and bullets. A complicated but gripping new chapter in McFarren's series about a woman caught up in a supernatural war.

- Kirkus Reviews

War between heaven and hell has never been this sexy. Sara J. Mass fans may find a new favorite author in Kaylin McFarren.

- Bella G. Wright, bestthrillers.com

It is a cornucopia of fantasy elements and characters in a story that is sure to surprise you.

- Akram Herrak, Independent Book Review

Kaylin McFarren expertly weaves a tale of salacious and sinister power struggles in Black Wing Sky. Through McFarren's masterful storytelling and vivid descriptions, readers will be fully immersed in this epic tale until the end. Black Wing Sky will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they race toward the epic conclusion of the Gehenna series. 5 STARS!

- David Beaumier, Chanticleer Reviews

With fast-moving storytelling, intense erotic passages, and enough emotional weight to keep readers invested, this novel is a hard-edged romantic fantasy that comes to vivid life on the page.

- Self-Publishing Review

The author demonstrates excellent storytelling skills, making this book an engaging fantasy fiction novel captivating readers from beginning to end.

- Manik Chaturmutha, Pacific Book Review