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REQUIEM FOR A QUEEN  (ISBN #9798434809993)

While attempting to earn Lucifer's favor, Lucinda leads a demonic army into battle against the sword-wielding archangels of Heaven. Upon returning from the Outer Rim, a demon spy informs her that Samara has given birth to Lucifer's son in the sand cave, interfering with her plans to retake Hell. Lucinda resorts to sorcery to overpower Samara and kidnap the newborn Prince.

Still healing from painful injuries, Samara teams up with Botis, a woodland hunter, and storms Hell to confront Lucinda. There she encounters the Mother Beast – an enormous creature trained to obey and protect Lucifer. Once again, Samara is held captive and forced to reveal the secret of Papillon's birth. Lucifer sends trackers into the forest, attempting to find his son, and swears to destroy anyone involved in his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Crighton and Damian have joined forces to rescue Samara, unaware that she now has a growing son with extraordinary talents and the potential to be more deadly than any creature on Earth or in Hell.

Will Samara recover her son before Lucinda destroys him, or will Papillon be forced to use his dark powers, proving he's as wicked as Lucifer himself?


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The war has begun
between Heaven and Hell.
Armies are marching
while Cambions rebel.

Skies filled with swords,
bows and arrows on both sides.
Lucinda seeks power,
and all it provides.

Word of a new prince
reaches her eager ear.
There's no future before her,
the message is clear.

Murder, the answer,
strangulation or blade?
Witches in the forest
kidnap and evade.

Samara went to Hell
to search for her child,
clashed with Mother Beast,
fire-breathing and wild.

Captured once again
with no means for escape,
Samara feared torture,
confinement, and rape.

Satan received word
of his heir's arrival.
Lucinda has no choice
for her survival.

Accept Papillion as
her younger brother,
in spite of hating
his beautiful mother.

With help from soldiers,
Samara quickly flees.
A knife at Pap's throat,
brings her down to her knees.

Yet Pap's gift is mighty,
when challenged to fight.
Will he bring Lucifer down?
Or accept his birthright?

The fires of true hatred
burn bright in Hell.
Will vileness succeed?
Or decency prevail?
-Kaylin McFarren